Must have bags

Getting ready to go somewhere excluding a bag is definitely not a smart thought. Bag is a mandatory accessory to have when you are going somewhere. On the one hand, it helps us to carry our essentials with us and furthermore improvise our overall look.
If you are a fashion hoarder and love to add a bag with your look that makes you more stylish, you must go through this quick checklist to know about different types of bags and its usage.

1. The Tote Bags

The tote bags

A tote bag is a big sized rectangular or square-shaped bag to carry all your essentials when you are heading to go out. It has two straps to hold it. It is made of leather, nylon or substantial canvas. So many brands are out there to provide you with amazingly designed tote bags. Have the one according to your choice and comfort. Make sure you choose a bag with wide straps because thin straps can hurt your shoulder.

This bag can be used when you are going to the workplace or for shopping as has space to carry many items.

2. Clutch

The clutch is a small-sized rectangular bag having one or two internal pockets. This bag is slim and women hold it in their hand as it is strapless.

The clutch is a fancy handbag so mostly women use a clutch for the party and some other events. This is used to keep some cards, cash, and makeups for a touch-up.

3. The Cross Body Bags

the crossbody bags

The crossbody bag is also known as a sling bag. Its straps are long that makes it comfortable and stylish. Brands provide many different types of sling bags with variant colors and designs.

This bag is the best choice when you are traveling. It doesn’t engage your hands in order to carry it. These bags are medium-sized that help to carry phone, wallet. water bottle and a small camera.

4. The Duffle Bag

duffle bags

The Duffle bag is a large-sized bag with two straps to hold or carry it. These bags are generally made of canvas. It has a lot of space to store many items.

These bags are used for traveling to carry all your essential belongings with you. Also, it is used by sportspersons.

5. The Bracelet Bag

The Bracelet bag is similar to a clutch bag having a strap resembles the bracelet, that is why it is called a bracelet bag. Its straps are metallic round bangle like structure to be worn in hand in order to carry it.

Women love to carry this bag with their elegant outfit when going for a party or event because this designer, as well as the stylish bag, embraces their style. It has enough space for wallet, make-up and mobile phone.

6. The Shoulder Bags

The Shoulder bags

The shoulder bag’s size is medium, generally made up of leather or other natural fabric with two straps that go over either of your shoulders. It has one main pocket opening at the top secured with a zipper.

This can be used for the workplace, shopping, and college as having space for all your necessities. There are numerous choices available with many brands that provide you unique and beautiful bags.

7. Backpacks


Backpacks can be medium or large-sized. Mostly it is a rectangular bag with two straps on its backside that go over the shoulder. Backpacks usually have one or two big pockets and 3-4 additional pockets secured with zippers.

These bags are commonly used by students and sportspersons. Some fashionable small-sized backpacks are used by women to carry their stuff when going out for shopping or other works.

8. Wallets


Wallets are a very small-sized bag that people generally keep inside other bags like clutch or handbags. This is used to keep credit/debit cards, cash, identification cards (i.e. pan card, driving license, club cards, etc.). Some wallets are foldable, others are not. Generally, this is made of leather or fabric. These are small enough to be held in hand.

When it comes to buying a bag, you have limitless options. Check out various designs available in multiple brands and get the best deal for you.

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