Makeup Tips ( DOs and DON’Ts )

Being a girl or woman, some of us love to do makeup and some don’t. There is nothing wrong or bad about doing makeup. So, if you love doing makeup, you must do. To do something, you should know the basics ( makeup tips DOs and DON’Ts) of it and steps to do it.

Today we will discuss some tips ( DOs and DON’Ts) about makeup that will help you to do it properly without damaging your skin. Following makeup routine don’t forget your skincare routine because makeup will look good on your healthy skin. So let’s read this blog to know some dos and don’ts.

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1. Prep your Skin

Makeup tips ( DOs and DON'Ts)

In order to prep your skin, clean it with face wash, wipe it off with a soft cloth and apply moisturizer and primer before applying foundation and other makeup products. This will help your makeup mix evenly and easily on your skin.

2. Use Foundation that matches your skin tone

foundation shade

Determine your skin tone and use a foundation shade that matches your tone. We don’t apply the foundation to lighten our skin tone or look fairer. It helps to create an even base on your skin which is perfect for other makeups so it is important to match your foundation shade with your skin tone. The lighter or darker shade can make you look awkwardly different.

3. Use one shade lighter concealer for undereye

Makeup tips ( DOs and DON'Ts)

Use concealer one shade lighter than your foundation shade. It is applied to hide dark circles and lighten under-eye area to give a slightly lifted look.

4. Clean your makeup brushes regularly

clean makeup brushes regularly

Makeup brushes come to our minds only when we have to apply makeup. Most of us are too lazy to give attention to our makeup brushes. Do not do that. Clean your makeup brushes once a week.

5. Buy quality products

buy quality products

Buying quality products is important as it is about your skin. Taking risks in this will not be a good idea. Buy less but quality product. Check the brands on the internet, see reviews and then purchase accordingly.

6. Use a magnifying mirror to apply makeup

magnifying mirror

Magnifying glass zooms out the area of the face that helps you to apply and blend makeup properly. It is designed in such a way that it shows reflection larger than the object. Use this while doing makeup to get a flawless look.

7. Keep your look natural and sober

It is not good to apply loud makeup for day-to-day life. Using lots of makeup products on your skin on a daily basis may cause a lot of damage to your skin. So use non-toxic herbal products on the skin and keep it natural and sober.


1. Don’t skip moisturizer

don't skip moisturizer

To have healthy skin, you must keep it hydrated and moisturized. Never skip the moisturizer whether you have to do makeup or not. If you apply makeup products without moisturizing your skin, it will get inside the pores of your skin and may cause acne and irritations.

2. Neither skip your eyebrows nor overdo it

Makeup tips ( DOs and DON'Ts)

Do not skip your eyebrows while doing makeup. Do use a light shade of eyebrow and blend it properly. Using darker shade will make it look artificial and awkward.

3. Don’t apply makeup on a dirty face

clogged pores

Cleaning your face before doing makeup is a must because your skin leaves oil, gets dust from the surrounding. If you do not clean your face, the makeup will not blend properly. It will clog your skin pores and damage the skin.

4. Don’t sleep in makeup

don't sleep in makeup

You must clean, tone and moisturize your skin before going to bed. Skin needs free air to breathe which is not possible when makeup is there. Sleeping in makeup may cause dryness, redness, and acne on your skin.

5. Don’t buy cheap products

Cheap products have lots of chemical ingredients that are not healthy for skin at all. Buy less but quality products because doing makeup and looking glamourous by damaging your skin does not worth it.

6. Don’t apply dark-hued lipstick

Makeup tips ( DOs and DON'Ts)

Different people have different choice of shades for a makeup look. Dark shades are mostly supposed to apply for fashion shows, events, festive looks, etc. But on a daily basis, keep it nude and light-hued. Dark shades look dramatic and sometimes look horrible if not paired with proper shades of the overall look.

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