How to apply lipsticks that last long

Thinking to do makeup without lipstick…!!! Not possible. It has a very important and irreplaceable place in cosmetics. It enhances your overall look. But, the question is, Can you apply it properly? Does it last long? If your answer is no, let get to know how to get rid of this problem.

Apply lipstick perfectly that doesn’t fade and leave a stain on your teeth is an art. But it’s not that tough. Just follow these steps to get perfect and long-lasting lipstick.


exfoliate lips

The first step is to exfoliate your lips that most people ignore. It helps to remove all the dead cells and dust from your lips. Apply sugar scrub on your lips and scrub it gently. Then remove it with cotton.


hydrate lips with lip balm

After exfoliating, Apply a thin layer of lip balm on your lips and mix it with your finger gently. It will hydrate your lips and make it even and smooth and soft. Blot with tissue paper or cotton to remove excess lip balm.



Applying lipstick on your nude lips may change its original shade due to the uneven tone or dark tone of your lips. It is important to make a base before applying lipstick. Use a primer to make the base. It will help you to have the perfect hue of your lipstick and also maximize your wear time. Apply a very little amount of primer on your lip and mix it with sponge evenly all over your lips.

4.Lip liner

lip liner

In the next step, we will apply a lip liner. It defines the natural shape of your lips and also prevents lipstick from getting messy or going out of your lips. Use a light shade of lipliner for better results. If you want, you can fill your lips with lip liner. It helps the lipstick to stay longer on your lips.

5.Apply Lipstick


Once you are done with the previous step, take your lipstick and apply it on your lips with the brush. Apply it thoroughly including corners. If you want normal hue, apply one coat and if you want intense touch, the double coating will work. Choose the lipstick color that suits your skin tone the most. Use the one that is glossy or creamy if your lips are dry and you want a moist touch. And use matt to have a dry touch.


Blot lipsticks

After applying lipstick, take a tissue paper and put it on your lips. Press it lightly on your lips and distribute the translucent setting powder over the tissue paper with a brush. This process will set the color, then remove the tissue paper and apply one more stroke of lipstick. And yeah…that is it.

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