Hairstyles for the festive season

The festive season is going on and festivals are a time of celebration and joy. Notwithstanding, there is a lot of things that make you caught up with during the celebrations like gifts and garments shopping, arrangements, ceremonies and all, it’s anything but difficult to leave preparing for the enormous night until the latest possible time! With such a significant number of celebration gatherings and family meals, one needs to have an alternate search for each event, isn’t that so? This festive season, don’t let your hair fall flat in the chaos. With your festive outfit and make-up, think of unique and fabulous hairstyles too.

In this post, I’ll share some festive friendly hairstyles that will go with your outfit and make you look perfect for the occasion.

Hairstyles for short hair

Half updo

To make a half updo, take your front hair and pin it back with clips and leave your rest hair open. You can curl your open hair to add volume to it. This hairstyle gives you a cute look.

half updo hairstyles


In case you want to make a braid and having short hair, take a side or midsection of hair to make the braid and secure the hair with elastic at the end and leave the rest of your hair open or can make waves or curls according to your outfit. Some different types of braids are given below to help you to try and decide which one suits you the most.

  • Dutch Braid
  • Waterfall Braid
  • French Braid

Sleek Hair

Sleek hair is the one that never goes out of trend. This is easy to make and looks classy. You just need to straighten your hair properly using the right tool and that is it. You are ready to go with any outfit for any festival.

sleek hairstyles

Hairstyles for medium hair


A ponytail is one of the easiest, common but evergreen hairstyles. You don’t need any special training to make a ponytail. Sometimes making the same ponytail can make you look boring so don’t limit yourself with one kind of ponytail. Try various ponytails to create a different look. Some are mentioned below:

  • Textured Ponytail
  • Sleek Ponytail
  • A Scrunchie Ponytail
  • Braided Ponytail
  • High Ponytail
  • Low Ponytail

Fishtail Updo

This hairstyle looks perfect with the dress like a gown or one-piece dress and best for the festive season. It gives you a classy and stylish look. To make this hairstyle, take the side section of hair and start braiding. When you reach the ear section, continue braiding including the rest of your hair. Tie off the end with an elastic rubber band. Twist the braid to make a bun and fix it with a hairpin and it’s done.

fishtail updo hairstyles

Half updo

The half updo is good for short and medium hair both. As it gives you a cute look, also keep your face undisturbed from hair. Wear your half front hair upward and secure it with a bobby pin, and also you can make a bun or braid with half front hair. To style differently, a bow can be made using a hair ribbon. Leave the lower hair messy because that looks bouncy and better.

Hairstyles for long hair

The Bun

Getting late for the party and still want to make a hairstyle to keep your log hair manageable throughout the party, the Bun is the best suit for you. It is one of the most easy and comfortable hairstyles. This hairstyle is evergreen. For a festive touch, there are numerous kinds of bun you can make.

  • Upside down Braided Bun
  • Braid twisted knot Bun
  • Low messy bun
  • Topknot bun
  • Textured Bun


Thinking of braid for your festive look? Great idea! Divide your hair into three or more strands and make a braid. But simple Braid will not enhance your festive look. So, do experiment with braid to make your hairstyle unique, new and beautiful. Here are some types of braids that are perfect for long hair. Try it to make yourself fashionable enough.

  • Mermaid Braid
  • Side Dutch Braid
  • Princess Braid
  • Fishtail Braid

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