Different types of masks for the face

Face masks are beneficial for your skin or not? Are they important? Is it compulsory to add a face mask to your skincare routine? If you want glowing and healthy skin and love to pamper your skin then yes, the facemask is beneficial as well as important.

Different types of face masks are available for different types of skin and also for different purposes. In this blog post, I will tell you about How does a face mask help to enhance your skincare routine.

1.Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are a wet paper-like sheet as they contain vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that penetrate the dermis and help to hydrate your skin. Use this mask once in a week to relax your skin.

Clean your face and then place this mask on your face, leave it for the recommended time and then rub it on your face instead of rinsing off and get beautifully hydrated skin.

sheet face mask

2.Clay Mask

Clay masks help to treat stopped up pores and remove impurities from the skin while mattifying surface and limiting the pores. It removes impurities by absorbing excess oil and helps to brighten tired and dull skin. White clay masks make the skin super clean, glowing yet nourished.

Before using clay masks, cleanse your face. After cleansing, apply the mask on your face thoroughly and leave for 5-7 minutes and then rinse off.

3.Cream Mask

Cream mask is for those people whose skin is normal or dry. It’s not for oily skin as it is rich in oil. Cream mask provides essential oil to your skin and removes dryness. It helps to moisturize, hydrate and soften your skin to make it look healthy and smooth.

Use this mask once a week and get healthy and smooth skin.

4.Peel-off Mask

Peel-off masks suit all types of skin. This mask is healthy for your skin as it is mostly a plant-based or fruit-based mask. It helps to remove dirt, dead skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads and excess oils from the topmost layer of your skin and provide instant glow to your skin

Apply this mask thoroughly on your face, leave it for 15-20 minutes and let it be dry completely. Peel it off after the recommended time duration. Use it once or twice a week.

5.Exfoliating Mask

If your skin feels dull, it needs exfoliation. Exfoliating masks are available to exfoliate your skin and give it a bright and healthy look. It helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells that cause dullness of your skin. Exfoliating masks gives gentle exfoliation and brightening to your skin without any irritation.

Use this mask only once a week. Apply this mask after cleansing your face and remove after 5-7 minutes and moisturize your face afterward.

Exfoliating face Masks

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