Earrings you must add to your collection

Women’s love for accessories is never-ending. Accessory includes many things and today we will discuss earrings in this post. Earring is a kind of jewelry which you should have in large number. Different earrings suit different outfits and for a different purpose. Today, I am going to give you detail on earrings type, its versatility and uses. So if you are an accessory lover and willing to add more jewelry to your collection, this blog post is for you. Check out these amazing types of earrings and must add to your collection.

1. Hoops

Hoops are generally round earrings available in a wide range. A large number of patterns and designs of hoops are available to go with your different looks. Apart from the round shape, other geometrical shaped hoops are also available. i.e. triangular, square, pentagonal, etc. These hoops have a small opening that passes through the ear piercing and gets closed on the other side. Depending on its design, its uses differ. Simple hoops can be worn for college or with casual outfits and designer ones are party-wearing.

hoops earrings

2. Studs

Studs are very basic kinds of earrings. They vary in shape, size, and designs. Studs are light-weighted and easy-going. There is a metallic small stick-like structure attached to the earring that goes inside ear-piercing and a clutch secures it on the backside of your ear. It gets settled on your earlobe and does not have any dangling structure to bother or neck or get stuck in your hair. That is why it is so comfortable and easy-going. You can wear it to a party, workplace, traveling and even workout.

3. Dangles

Dangles are those earrings that come below your earlobe. It can be light, heavy, small or big. These are so classy and perfectly designed for occasions. However, you can wear light and small-sized dangles with your casual outfits. The dangling structure of this earring is attached to studs and is designed to secure from the back.

4. Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are the type of earrings which can wrap up the ear, It starts from the lower earlobe and goes on the upward direction. Imitating the look of multiple ear piercing or attachment. It gives an elegant and chic look, has a sparkling effect that reflects the light and creates an eye-catching effect. They are available in different types of designs & colors i.e, chunky, sparkling & glam look, can pick it up according to the choice & mood. It instantly glam up any look.

5. Bajoran Earrings

Bajoran is a unique earring that is mostly worn in only one earring. There are two connection points in it. One is worn on the earlobe and other on the upper part of the ear. These two connection points are attached to one or multiple chains. These earrings are worn with a western outfit to enhance your style.

bajoran earrings

6. Huggies

Huggies are circular, hoops like earrings but way shorter than hoops. It is small enough to touch the earlobe throughout. They have thin wire to go through ear piercing and connect the other side. These earrings are simple and light can be worn on a daily basis. Various designed Huggies are decorated with beautiful stones and diamonds studded on metal.

huggies earrings

7. Jackets

Jacket earrings are simple, trendy and classy. It is the extended form of studs in which there is an additional part that connects to the stud behind the earlobe and also secures it. The Stud rests on the earlobe and another part securing it underneath the ear, comes in front touching the earlobe. A lot of varieties and designs are available. You can go for a metallic designed or two-toned earring studded with different stones to create a statement look.

8. Drop earrings

Drops are an extended version of studs and also close to dangles. they do not rest on the earlobe only but also hang down. But they don’t move as much as dangles. Drop earrings are available in various designs and colors. These earrings can be used for almost all the purposes, like office, casual outgoing, diva look and, many more depending on its making pattern and style.


9. Chandelier

The chandelier is similar to Dangles. Chandeliers are way traditional and classy that are specialized for occasions like marriage ceremony or festive look. It centers on cascading gemstones. Its structure is like a stud and a drop-down is attached to it. It is loved for its beautifully designed structure.

chandelier earrings

10. Tear Drop earrings

Teardrop earrings are named after the shape of these earrings. They are similar to drop earrings that have studs at the top and drop-down attached to it shaped like teardrops. There can be on or more teardrops. Also, design and size variates to provide you with multiple choices

tear drop earrings

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